We, Team Zeba, provides complete solution for all your laboratory Engineering needs.

Our technicians are committed to deliver user friendly and appropriate work place to suit any requirement of laboratory furniture. We have appropriate solutions for every type of labs depending on the purpose, the available area and budget, without compromising on the quality.

We strive to deliver profitable solutions for your most coveted workplace where you brew your success..

Field Of Services

We are specialized in commissioning of laboratories for various disciplines such as

  1. Agricultural
  2. Archeology
  3. Aviation and space science
  4. Biotechnology, Pharma & Cosmetics
  5. Cement and concrete
  6. Container & mobile laboratories
  7. Educational Institutions
  8. Fisheries
  9. Food & Beverages
  10. Forensic Science
  11. Hospital & Healthcare
  12. Microbiology
  13. Paint and Coatings
  14. Petroleum & Oil
  15. Poly- film Industries
  16. Research labs
  17. Robotics
  18. Testing Services
  19. Textiles and garments
  20. Treatment plants
  21. Veterinary

Our Existence

"We, Team Zeba realize that, our business is a value creation process. We are aware that our existence is based on the value we create to our internal as well as external customers and stake holders. Our uniqueness in delivering value compared to our competitors is our growth and success."
Managing Director

Appreciation from our delighted customers towards our proven quality of products and services are the most important award for us.

Our Core Values

"Team Zeba is the personification of four basic principles of ZEBA: 'Zeal', 'Endurance', 'Brilliance' and 'Achievement'.Team Zeba Intend to create synergy by integrating the four principles with our core values. We have identified seven core values for 'ZEBA tians' that we define as '7i's' .

Insight : Accurate and deep understanding
Inspiration : Mental stimulation towards positive creation
Imagination : Idea formation
Integrity : Honest and Strong moral principles
Intelligence : Ability to acquire and apply knowledge & skills
Involvement : Being participative
Innovation : Provide innovative solutions to customer need

Our Works

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